"How was your day?"

"Not good."

"Well that's an awful thing to say."


"Listen, I'll stay home cooking every Sunday"

"EVERY Sunday?"


So begins the personal cook files.

Jan - Engineer, husband, personal cook, kitchen slave. In between talking to wires and interpreting convoluted schematics in font 5, he likes to read cookbooks, brood over onions and whip up one-hit easy cooking recipes to fatten his wife. He has had absolutely no training in the culinary arts but he has a knack for knowing ingredient mixes and cooking methods that result in otherworldly edible creations.

Living in a small city in a house with a small kitchen and subsisting in an even smaller budget, he is constrained to make simple recreations of drool-inducing cookbook recipes. Substitute cooking is his middle name or he makes his own easy cooking recipes straight from his unfathomable imagination.

Pinoy Wit - Web writer, wife, cook's scribe, dish washer. When she's not weaving stories and marinating in obsessive compulsiveness, she likes to savor the experimental flavors of her husband's home cooking while ruminating over death by cholesterol. Her all-time pastime is eating but she doesn't know how to cook and attempts to do so usually result in dishes of questionable integrity.

Highly high-strung and irritable, her husband's strategy of using food to pacify her somehow maintains peace at home. Being devoid of all culinary skills, she is forced to rely on her husband's mercy or, alternatively, the delivery boy's speed.

When Jan's not home cooking, they like to randomly pick a restaurant and point at menu listings with reckless abandon.

This is a story of a marriage forged in food.

Take your pick :)


  1. Grace, I love the way you write. It is so entertaining! I will have to try the cabbage blue cheese recipe- I've got way too much cabbage

    1. Hey Arren. Thanks for dropping by. :) Glad to have you around. Remember to add only a little blue cheese so it doesn't end up too bitter... We'll think of other recipes with cabbage for you ;)

      Check out my other blog, causticthoughts.com for a little funny sarcasm.


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