Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Easy Creamy Seared Salmon Steak Recipe

By now it should be obvious to anyone who’s ever come across this blog that we have a deep love affair with good food. Clearly, that just makes it difficult for us to practice frugality. We try to resist as best as we can, but when there’s a big slab of fresh salmon steak calling to us, there’s just no resisting.

So here we are then with Jan’s seared salmon steak. Oh joy!


1 pc.        Salmon steak (large)
1 tbsp.        button mushroom, sliced
1 tbsp.        fresh basil leaves, shredded
¼ cup        beef stock
½ cup        cream
½ tsp.        salt
½ tsp.        pepper
2 tbsp.        olive oil
1 tbsp.        pesto


1.    Pat dry the steak with paper towel and rub both sides with salt and pepper.

2.    Heat oil in a pan and sear the steak, around 1-2 minutes on each side.

3.    Remove from pan and set on a plate.

4.    In a sauce pan, heat remaining olive oil and cook the mushrooms until tender.

5.    Add the stock and cream (add more cream until desired sauce thickness).

6.    Add the pesto and basil leaves.

7.    Pour over the salmon steak and serve.

Wife’s Verdict: Of course it was creamy, but the big draw was not so much the sauce as the soft, juicy salmon meat. This was one heavy, satisfying meal.

Jan’s Quip: “I’m not sure I can have a food business. Cooking for your family isn’t the same as cooking for a living.”

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