Friday, April 19, 2013

Beef Bacon Burger and Shoestring Fries with Cuban Seasoning

Beef Bacon Burger

Again we have Bobby Flay’s genius and the PSC girls who bought his book for us to thank for a deliciously fattening Sunday meal. This time Jan, used Flay’s Miami Burger and Cuban Seasoning recipes as cheat sheets.

The original recipe called for ground turkey, smoked ham and Swiss cheese. Due to the limitations of our local grocery store, these had to be promptly substituted with ground beef, bacon strips and cheese squares. The rest of the ingredients were easy enough to obtain --- regular burger buns, mustard, mayonnaise and cucumber.

This treat was extra special because instead of cooking on a skillet, Jan grilled the patties over hot coals. I have a bias for grilled patties. I think they’re a lot tastier than fried ones. There’s just so much more juice and the smoked flavor is a welcome bonus.

The shoestring potatoes Jan seasoned with Flay’s Cuban seasoning, a mixture of ground bay leaves, cumin, garlic, onion, oregano and turmeric. Yum. So this is how Cuba "tastes" like.

It’ll probably take another month for my weight to normalize after this feast, but the weight gain was worth it. I hope we do this again on another Sunday.

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