Friday, February 15, 2013

Recreating Bobby Flay’s Garlic Butter Burger

Garlic Butter Burger

We have a love affair with burgers. Well okay, we have a love affair with food in general, but burgers are special. Whenever Jan has to extend his work shifts late into the night, he’d often come home with quarter pounder burgers. Even if my work schedule is early dawn, I’d always get up and we’d eat our midnight snack together.

Clearly, this doesn’t seem like a very healthy practice, but I can’t put a stop to it now. Our best conversations happen during our late night burger feasts and somehow, that has made us better.

It was therefore understandably a happy moment when Jan came home with one of Bobby Flay’s burger books, a gift from his female officemates. Last year, they also gave him a pasta cookbook. I’m close to becoming eternally indebted to these girls.

Jan’s first reproduction is Flay’s Garlic Butter Burger. Like almost every other recipe he recreates, we couldn’t follow the instructions to the letter due to limitations in ingredients and equipment. I’m still not entirely sure though if I can post the complete recipe here without infringing on copyright. You’d probably have to get Flay’s book from Amazon to get the complete recipe.

Just to give you an idea though, our version simply involved throwing in onions, garlic, butter and parsley into a blender and using the mixture to top the patties while cooking. We also tried to follow Flay’s advice on making patties. He makes his with a depression in the middle and seasoned only with salt and pepper on both sides.

I don’t need to make a verdict on this. The photo should make it obvious that this was a hit. It was so good, I ate three.

Jan says he’d like to try recreating more of Flay’s masterpieces before he ventures on creating his own burger recipes. Now I have a new dream for him. I hope one day he opens his own burger only restaurant.Then we could have more regular late night burger chats.

Bobby Flay's Burgers, Fries and Shakes
Thank you to our girl friends in PSC.

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