Friday, July 20, 2012

Mini Spam Rice Rolls – Sushi Style

spam rice rolls

Jan is perhaps one of the most imaginative persons I know and while this week’s dish may look simple, not everyone would think of putting Spam in there. I guess this is what happens when a cook has limited ingredient options.

There’s no need for lengthy preparation instructions for this. We used a handy sushi maker from Japan Home for this which made packing the rice easier, but it's not an absolute must to have one.

Just spread out the roasted seaweed sheet on a sushi rolling mat then spread out a layer of rice about an inch wide on one side of the sheet. Spread a thin layer of wasabi on the rice layer and then top with strips of Spam. Put another layer of rice on top and then start rolling the seaweed sheet. Cut the roll into bite sized pieces.

Jan made two batches of this, one with more wasabi than the other. The wasabi packed batch blew my nose off so take it easy on adding that to the roll if you can’t take the bite. 

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