Friday, March 30, 2012

Agua Seafood Restaurant in Cagayan de Oro

Like many fine restaurants in Cagayan de Oro that had quickly come and gone, there is no guarantee that Agua will be around for the long haul. One thing's for sure though, drive or walk by this establishment and you won't be able to help yourself. You'd be drawn to it in an instant.

What's immediately captivating is the theme and look of the place. On the outside, the "sea" theme is palpable. Walk in and the look and feel becomes even more impressive. The blue and white hues; the judicious display of water and the fine lines and curves of the furniture all add to the feeling of dining close to the sea on a cool day. The atmosphere of the place is so relaxing, diners will have no problem digesting their food.

The service was quick, which was surprising, considering that in other similarly themed restaurants, you'd be made to feel as if they were still out trying to catch your meal. The waiters were polite and dressed in nautical garb, fitting perfectly into the theme. They were so solicitous I was half expecting they'd ask if I wanted a massage while waiting for lunch. :D

What put me off was the menu. Clearly, serving sizes were meant for groups. There was no option for meal sizes for two adults and two small kids so Jan and I had to limit our orders to just a few dishes. On our lineup was Steamed Lapu-Lapu with Soy Sauce (P375 per 100 grams), Garlic Shrimp Roll (P150) and Mixed Vegetables (P185).

I was thinking the Lapu-Lapu to be the crown of the meal. It was delightfully tender, but the flavor was a little underwhelming. Surprisingly, it was the shrimp roll that was a standout. I was expecting some mashed mixture in those rolls but it was packed with real shrimps that tasted fresh and natural and felt whole. The vegetables weren't a big "wow" but like the rolls, the natural flavor stood out.

Overall, the relaxing ambiance and natural-tasing food made a pleasant experience. I'd eat there again if only to experience the feel of the place.

Agua Seafood Restaurant
Rosario Strip
LimketKai Center
9000 Cagayan de Oro

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