Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cagayan de Oro 2011 Kumbira

Kumbira is Bisaya for banquet or feast. It is now also synonymous to the biggest culinary event in Mindanao. Held in Cagayan de Oro during the city’s feast month in August, the festival boasts of three days of expansive food displays, cooking competitions, demonstrations and exhibits.

Contrary to what one might imagine would be a typical Pinoy feast, with food and drinks in abundance and riotous festival goers to match, Kumbira is an exercise in class. Food displays are sparingly but artfully molded atop tables covered in white linen. It’s almost an invitation not to eat them.

I’ve lived in Cagayan de Oro for six years but I’ve only really been to Kumbira twice. I must say this year’s grand event was more visually engaging than last year’s. That is perhaps because this year, I jumped in at the very last day where everything beautiful was on display for the closing ceremonies. I suppose though that it would have been more interesting to have been around during the actual demonstrations too.

Unfortunately, work commitments prevented Jan from joining me this year. My goal for next year is for us to attend all three days including the traditional chef wars. We’d love to see those knives flash in mid slice.


  1. How I wish I am from CDO too so i can easily invite myself to see which food is nice done and presented. I admire your photos. Some of them don't look food at all. ^^ Maybe not for eats but for the eyes only.

    Thank you for passing by my travel blog (shell food) and for leaving a comment. Am honored of your visit.

    Can we exchange links and follow each other through GFC, too? ^^

  2. by the way, exchange links not at the travel blog but in my healthy lifestyle blog @

  3. Sure thing Arlene. Added you to our sidebar :)

  4. This is really nice!! I wanna put your blog on my side bar...

  5. Hi Caye. Thank you. That would be very much appreciated :)


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