Friday, May 13, 2011

Tuna On Crackers

There are days when the breakfast boy/personal cook/husband has pressing engagements and there’s just no time for the skillet. Enter his quick fixes and the panic among his meal dependents subsides.

This isn’t actually your typical breakfast meal but hey, it was this or black pancakes from me. The choice was obvious.


180 g canned tuna flakes in vegetable oil
½ onion, chopped
80 ml mayonnaise
Grated cheese
Flaxseed/ soda crackers


1. Drain oil from tuna.
2. Mix the tuna, onions and mayonnaise in a bowl.
3. Add a dash or two of salt and some oregano.
4. Top crackers with the mixture and top with grated cheese.

Wife’s Verdict:

Before Jan prepared this for the photo shoot, he made another batch (that disappeared from the face of the earth in ten seconds) that didn’t have onions in it and that used only plain soda crackers as base. There’s a huge difference in taste between the two preparations. The original one seemed tastier to me. The oregano flavor just stood out on its own.

This second batch with onions lost the oregano taste perhaps because of the strong onion flavor. The flaxseed crackers tasted great but if you're not a fan of grainy textures then you'd do better with plain soda crackers.

Jan’s Quip: “Recipe writers like to keep it safe by saying, ‘Add a dash of salt.’”


  1. LOL, I agree with the "add a dash of salt" statement - I sometimes use that too when posting my recipes online. =)

  2. That's the safest way to do it Maan :)


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