Friday, April 29, 2011

Cheesy Tuna Triangles

cheesy tuna triangles

I seem to like to eat all the time. Taking snacks in between main meals is a big part of my life. Jan attempts to discipline himself so he doesn’t end up ruining his figure but when we’re together, there’s just no end to eating.

I guess this whole preoccupation with food is still partly rooted in Filipino culture and tradition. My mom came from an old family that remembers the years before instant noodles and fast food. My great grandmother reportedly lived in an era when people had a dawn meal called painit, followed by breakfast, brunch, lunch, snack and dinner, all prepared by hand and without preservatives. I don’t think Jan has stories to tell about his family from way back when, but he can attest to the fact that his childhood was peppered by regular fiestas and huge family meals.

Definitely, all this constant eating has and always will be a part of our cultural consciousness. Isn’t that a terrific excuse to just keep on stuffing ourselves?


180g canned tuna flakes in oil
Medium sized wanton/molo wrapper
Cheese, thinly sliced in strips
½ onion minced
Mayo with peppermill (optional)


1. Drain oil from tuna and put in a bowl.
2. Add onions, garlic, peppermill and a pinch or two of salt. Mix.
3. Put half a teaspoon or so of the mixture on a wanton wrapper and top with cheese.
4. Seal the sides of the wanton wrapper with water.
5. Deep fry the tuna squares in hot oil. Remove from heat as soon as wrapper turns golden on the sides. Serve with optional dip of mayonnaise with peppermill. Serves 3.

Wife’s Verdict:

I love tuna on or in crunchy things. This one was crunchy on the outside, soft at the center and perfectly harmonized. By that I mean the ingredients just really tasted good together.

Take note, although the main ingredient is tuna, this doesn’t seem to qualify for healthy fare. The deep frying probably gave that away.

Jan’s Quip: “When I’m with you my diet gets ruined.”

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