Monday, March 14, 2011

Kamayan Sa Manukan Cagayan de Oro Review

There is no denying that Filipinos love to binge. The good news is that in every corner, there’s always a food establishment waiting to make our wildest gustatory dreams a reality.

Here in Cagayan de Oro, Filipino themed grills are all the rage and we’re fortunate that that’s the case because nothing beats Filipino grub when you just want to enjoy major eat fests.

For this particular session, Jan and I settled into a corner of Kamayan sa Manukan. I must admit, I’ve been to lots of similarly themed restaurants and they all basically specialize in the same dishes. Kamayan though seems to treat quantity and quality with equal importance. They had big servings that did not fall short on taste. The others that I’ve tried seem to sacrifice the flavor for quantity.

The mound of Crispy Pata (P350) alone should have been enough to last me three days but the skin was so crunchy and the meat so tender that Jan and I made short work of it.

The Sinigang na Tanguige (P120) was just like any other sinigang, and I suspect it might have even benefitted from an extra helping of flavor enhancers, but the fish was top notch. No worries about feeling like chewing through expired bubble gum.

Our little girl who now seems to be tagging along more often for our restaurant reviews feasted on Camaron Rebosado (P150). Again, every bite here was pleasantly soft without being soggy.

Other interesting items on their menu worth trying on our next visit include Lapu-Lapu in White Sauce (P155) and Pinaputok na Kitong (P145).

It’s also worth noting that they serve Jo’s Chicken Inato (P85) as a specialty. If I’m not mistaken, I first had a taste of this chicken preparation in Cebu. Jan was literally born with grilled food in his mouth. When I married him, I was introduced to endless days of deliciously grilled food so I don’t think this house specialty will be an item of interest for us any time soon.

For really hungry people who still want to taste their food, Kamayan sa Manukan is definitely a good spot to be in. The only thing negative about it is that they serve slow so you’d better order way before you reach your hunger limits.

Kamayan sa Manukan
Coralles Extension
Cagayan de Oro


  1. Sounds amazing.... I could so go one of these big old eat fests right about now. Great stuff - thanks for sharing :)

  2. Hi Anna. Thanks for dropping by. :) Here in the Philippines we love to eat all the time. My husband's family has major eat fests every month :)

  3. Thanks for the review. This just shows how Filipinos love to eat using their bare hands. And that makes every meal much happier. Fests have been a great event every month and are very much awaited. Cool!

  4. :)Yup, we Pinoys sure know how to relish our food. Thanks for dropping by Riza

  5. Great. Thanks for the information. I actually noticed their restaurant but haven't been there. I may go there anytime soon.

  6. They've got good food there Joy :)


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