Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Turquoise Cagayan de Oro Restaurant Review

Jan let me choose where to eat this time. Sadly, SM here has very few choices. I picked Turquoise which serves Turkish food because I have fond memories of gobbling juicy beef strips in a generous bed of flavorful yellow rice.

I think though that there might have been changes to the restaurant’s menu since I last visited. I can’t tell for certain because there are no longer any illustrated sections in the menu. I am not sure if the dish of my dreams is still hiding behind all that black text. For people who know nothing about Turkish food, it’s like ordering with your eyes closed. You’ll never know what you’re gonna get. Although familiar words like chicken and beef can give you clues.

I ordered Grilled Cheesy Kofte (P200) and was pleased that my instincts led me to the right dish. The grilled meat was simply oozing with juice made even tastier by the cheese filling. The sour cream dip gave the perfect balance to what could have been an oily adventure.

My husband took a shot at Guvech Authentic Casserole Meal (P240). Although the beef might not have been as tender as I wanted it to be, the strong cooked tomato taste was a delight.

Our budding little foodie made the safest choice with Shawarma (P90). From the looks of it, it had more in it than the usual emaciated wraps we get from the stalls in other malls. Our kid seemed to have liked the seasoned helpings of meat and veggies, but I personally prefer my Shawarma to have lots of meat and just a layer of veggies.

It wasn’t just the menu that changed. The table setting was also a bit more formal than I remembered. I don’t recall having to drink from stemmed glasses before. The waiters too were decked in more obvious Turkish attire.

Perhaps we’ll drop by again someday but I’d be more eager to stop by again if they revert back to the Turquiose of the early days. Possible dishes to sample in the future include Turquoise Yoghurt (P90), Shepherd Beef Kebap (P209), Chicken Shish (P180) and Golden Prawns with Sesame Seeds (P250).

Also, for the curious you might want to try the Shisha Corner where you can smoke flavored tobacco using a special pipe called hookah (P150). The experience of smoking through a hookah is said to be quite relaxing, the perfect cap to a rich meal.

Turquoise Al Fresco
Ground Floor, SM City
Mastersons Avenue
Pueblo de Oro Township,
Upper Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City

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