Saturday, November 27, 2010

Food Tips: Mix Leftovers With Rice

Jan and I have fathers who share the same views about food. They never like to see it wasted. Growing up, we were both taught to only take the amount of food we could consume simply because we were expected to eat every bit and piece. We weren’t allowed to leave even a single grain of rice on our plates.

You’d think we were cadets in military school but I tend to agree with the strict table protocol. Both our fathers stressed the fact that in the Philippines, thousands of people starve everyday. Every single piece of edible morsel that you throw away is like a slap on the faces of families who have nothing to eat.

Jan’s dad can attest to this. He grew up in a poor family where there were times so hard he had to sleep with only water in his stomach. On days when they could eat, rice was rolled into small balls to make sure all nine siblings had something to eat. This is why he feels so strongly about not throwing food away.

If you have several leftover dishes that don’t seem to match, mix them with fried rice. The most incongruous dishes will come together with the magic of rice. This one has fish, pork and chorizo in it. The secret is to cut the leftovers into small pieces so the rice doesn’t get overwhelmed. Make sure too that there’s more rice than leftovers.

To make the dish even tastier, add some fresh, thinly sliced vegetables, pepper and salt. Green onions are a must for color and flavor.

Keep posted for more leftovers saving rice dish food tips.


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